Hala Supply Chain Services Expands Warehousing Capabilities with Premium Storage

Hala Supply Chain Services recently expanded warehouse operations in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam to meet customer needs for flexible shared warehouse space.

“Each of these strategically located warehouses offers a flexible solution to cater for the diverse needs of our clients including and not just limited to the traditional services, but also office space and customized technology services. ” said Mr. Pieter Spaarwater Chief Executive Officer. “With our customized options and solutions, customers can receive the benefits of a warehousing partner without a long-term contract. Furthermore we are pride ourselves that our warehouse services is complimented and supported by a full and flexible array of complete supply chain services to create one stop shop model to optimize and serve our customers. These services, includes, but are not limited to transportation and supply chain solution capabilities to create an integrated logistics solution to our customers.”

Long known for its full array of supply chain solutions, Hala has been providing dedicated warehousing for more than 4 years. Hala offers a variety of value-added warehousing and distribution services for customers in multiple industries, including food stuff, electronics and automotive. Hala also provides a full international reach through our agreements with different freight companies including Uti International. In addition to its dedicated warehouse services, Hala offers flexible, multi-customer warehouse space throughout the Kingdom and can also provide build-to-suit solutions.

For more information on warehouse space or any of Hala’s other services, visit www.halagroup.com, call 920004252, or email marketing@halagroup.com


About Hala Supply Chain Services:

Hala Supply Chain Services offers a complete supply chain services including warehousing, transportation and freight forwarding. To find out how Hala Supply Chain Services can help grow your business please visit www.halagroup.com or call for a free consultation 920004252

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