Hala SCS

Hala Supply Chain Services provides customers and partners a global point of contact for the best world-class supply chain and logistics services within Saudi Arabia. Hala Supply Chain Services works for companies who are seeking to achieve higher performance through an effective and efficient supply chain. Hala Supply Chain Services has continuously improved clients’ service levels, margins and market shares, which have resulted in sustainable competitive advantages for each company.

Hala Supply Chain Services is able to assist clients within Saudi Arabia to improve their service levels, reduces their costs and improves their margins and market shares. This means that we can provide you with what you need, when you need it – whether it may be as simple as warehousing space or transportation, or as comprehensive as a complete supply chain overhaul.

There is no “one size fits all’ supply chain solution. Each company has its own unique requirements and we are consistently adept to help our clients create more efficient logistics and supply chain solutions. Hala offers a number of different supply chain services. Whether your supply chain needs a simple individual service, such as transformation, or a complete renovation, Hala Supply Chain Services will deliver what you need, when you need it.

The Hala approach to business is to provide high value logistics service with the customer needs in mind. These services are:


  • Warehousing
  • Transportation Management
  • Forwarding & Clearing

Our service offerings address the following supply chain challenges:


  • Low customer service levels
  • Increasingly complex warehousing requirements caused by high levels of growth, limited capacity, and a growth in the number of line items.
  • Poor Proof of Delivery control
  • Increased flexibility required by the customer
  • Higher levels of visibility are required to ensure service levels and improved demand forecasting
  • More frequent deliveries – distribution is becoming more complex to manage daily/weekly
  • Distribution planning – increased complexity with more lines, more frequent orders and more customers


Each division at Hala has skilled specialists who understand the value of integration between logistical functionality. The Hala way of doing business is to in-source, and avoids outsourcing. This approach increases visibility, flexibility and control for the logistics or supply chain manager simultaneously realizing the cost and service benefits – a very different result to the traditional outsourcing method. Using this approach, a company’s supply chain management gains all the benefits of service level improvements, lower costs, increased flexibility and visibility. They achieve these benefits without losing control, or having to invest in extra capacity. Our “in source” approach fosters collaborative, win-win relationships, with improved customer service and profitability that inevitably benefits our clients.


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