• Hala Company

    Arabian Hala Company Ltd., the exclusive franchisee for Avis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, started up the car rental business in 1977. In 1993, Hala Rent A Car became the exclusive franchisee for Avis in the Kingdom.
  • Avis

    Today, Avis Saudi Arabia is present in many locations Kingdom-wides in all major airports and cities with a fleet exceeding 7,000 vehicles mixed of different brands and sizes and of the latest models with set for consistent growth.
  • ILS

    Since its foundation in 2000 ILS has specialized in innovative IT solutions; ILS is geared to provide enterprise application solutions and services required by different business segments. ILS ensures compliance with top-level quality standards throughout the software development process, implementation, service delivery & support.
  • DSV

    To strengthen Hala’s service offerings to an integrated International level, DSV A/S and Hala have signed a strategic partnership. DSV A/S is a leading international and one of the top logistics companies, offering warehousing & transport services by road, air, sea and train between most foreign destinations
  • Oilwell7 was created in 2010 to facilitate the job finding needs of all Saudi graduates, abroad or local. Established by Saudi HR and IT specialists, this company strives to become the leading online recruitment company in Saudi Arabia. Being owned and managed by Saudis, its in a much better position to accommodate the cultural requirements of the companies and candidates.
  • Kumho

    In todays world, businesses have to respond fast to the changing needs of the market. They also must have the capacity to serve the diverse needs of the customers. In addition, understanding the unique complexities of the local trade dynamics is critical for success. Hala Automotive Services Company - HASCO has a tremendous advantage in being able to satisfy all these requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With strong presence across all the 3 regions of the country, huge state-of-the-art warehouse facilities, talented staff and world class processes, HASCO has taken its rightful place among the top players in the automotive industry. The reason for HASCO meteoric rise is its genuine customer care philosophy. Starting from identifying the needs of our customers and keeping a constant track of the market pulse, HASCO knows the importance of delivering the benefits that the customers are looking for, and delivering them well. Caring for the community, innovation, performance and quality are of paramount importance to HASCO. Our mission is Best In Class Automotive Services’. We firmly believe in mutually beneficial long term partnerships with our suppliers, investment in human capital, creating and continuously updating world class supply chain infrastructure, and nurturing a bond with local communities and government entities. HASCO is proudly associated with the world famous tires Kumho, and shares the business vision and values of this great company, namely trust, ethical and social responsibility.