Transportation Solutions

Hala Transportation is the result of a growing need in the Saudi Economy to manage  the abundance of transporters currently operating in the Kingdom. With this in mind Hala has developed three Transportation services to service the specifically identified needs.

The first of these services is to provide full distribution solutionHala will provide the correct fleet with the correct size to handle the client’s distribution need, whether it is from warehouse to end user port to warehouse. This service is provided across the Kingdom.

The second service is our transportation brokerage system. We manage to get the best transporter at the best rate to handle any transportation need. We manage to do this with a growing database of transporters across the Kingdom. We have access to over 2,800 vehicles and manage full or less than truck load quantities.

The last service we offer has revolutionized the way companies dispatch and manage their trucks. This service has been proven to reduce cost, time and time again. The service is called Route Optimization Management. We use sophisticated algorithms to provide the best route possible. The table below represents the complexity of Route Optimization.

Some of the segments that we serve:

• Oil & Gas
• Automotives
• Chemicals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Construction

This solution includes:

• Locating all customers by using GPS
• Link the data with the customer history
• Plan the best route
• Track delivery real time against the planned route
• Measure and manage driver’s driving  behavior

Our Fleet includes:

• All truck capacity from 3 to 30 tonnes
• 4x2, 6x4, 6x6 tractors
• All kind of lowbeds
• Side trucks, curtains and flatbeds
• Vans




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